Book: Paint to Remember


This little book is offered as an introduction to past life and personal healing work.  Included are some of the past life issues that caused blockages in my life and some fiction showing the potential for achieving personal dreams, desires and joy.

Exploring past lives can be helpful in resolving a current issue that seems to be repeating itself throughout your life; or, is creating a block that keeps you from fulfilling your dreams and desires. When our soul considers a new incarnation, the accomplishments of other lifetimes are reviewed to determine if there is more to be learned. On a soul level, we strive to understand all aspects of a lesson, from the most challenging aspects to the most enjoyable.

If you think past life work might work for you, these short stories of my journey may provide insight for your own choices.

ISBN:  978-1-4525-4923-1      Publisher:  Balboa Press

Price:  $8.99, soft cover, 66 pages

Available from the author, free shipping/handling.

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