Katherine grew up in Louisville, Kentucky with five siblings, a number of dogs, cats, birds, fish and horses.  She worked for a large chemical company for 26 years moving twice due to mergers.  The last corporate move in 1997 to Houston, Texas was quite a culture shock and she was determined to let her future become an adventure.

After being told many times that she was a healer, she finally took action in 2000 by attending night classes for massage therapy.  One evening while practicing massage, the student on the table felt something close to an electric shock in their shoulder that nearly knocked them off the table.  Energy had passed through Katherine’s hands to an area that had been creating much pain and had been keeping that student from giving massage.  The instructor had been watching Katherine, suspecting something like this was going to happen and she now had the opportunity to recommend Reiki training.  Katherine had that training before receiving her massage therapy license.

Katherine began seeing old and long forgotten traumas in her client’s body, issues that often caused a lingering pain for her client.  New training helped her recognize these situations as emotional blocks and she began helping her client release those attachments resulting in total healing of their pain.  This was often accomplished without the client having to remember the event.

A near death experience in 2002 initiated a new, greater emphasis on learning more about the energies in and around the body. While attending new classes and lectures, she decided that she wanted more time for her healing work.  In spring 2006, she left the corporate world to focus more time on a new career. The rest of that year was spent learning how to help her clients release blockages related to trauma of other lifetimes.

Through 2009, Katherine worked as an energy healer, massage therapist and massage therapy instructor.  She also taught her own continuing education course called Meridian Massage, teaching other therapists how to recognize which meridians have blockages.  Therapists were shown how to assess a client’s needs each time they walked through the door and designing that day’s massage with a focus on current issues related to the meridians, specific muscle groups and their attachments to the spine.  Clients were often be surprised by the attention given to areas they had not mentioned, but definitely needed the work.

Healing articles were published in the Houston Natural Awakenings magazine in 2008 and 2009.  In 2011 Katherine began work on her first book. That book, ”Paint to Remember, Stories of Soul Memories,” was published in 2012.  The next writing project has begun along with taking time to paint to remember.

After spending time with family in Florida, Katherine studied a map, put her household belongings in storage and took a road trip.  She currently lives in Springfield Missouri with her dog Ruby.

Diplomas, Certifications and Training

2014  Peaceful Dying, Joyful Living – How to Facilitate Peaceful Dying for Friends and Family

2011   Missouri Massage Therapy License; Unified Therapy Vortex Training;

.         Tachyon Attunement, Reiki Master and Teaching Certification

2010   Florida Massage Therapy License; NCBTMB Certification

2009   Tui Na Chinese Medical Massage and Cupping

2008   Sacred Grid Geometry

2007   Applied Energetic Wisdom

2006   Massage Therapy Instructor Training; Quantum Touch

.           Cellular Release Practitioner and Instructor

2005   Apprentice Cellular Release; Chinese Massage; Body Grids

2004   Medical Massage

2002   Touch for Health I and II

2001   Texas Massage Therapy License;  Reiki I and II:

.           Graduated Phoenix School of Massage

1994   Associate of Sciences, Administrative Management,

.          University of Cincinnati School of Business


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